14 May 2013
May 14, 2013

Omega 3 Premium Fish Oil

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  • 400 mg EPA and 300 mg DHA in each capsule so you get pure benefits in each 2 capsule serving 4 times higher than standard fish oil supplements.
  • molecularly distilled for ultra purity and third party tested to ensure no mercury,   PCB or dioxin contamination.
  • Sourced using wild caught sardines and anchovies to provide purest source of fish oil with highest DHA and EPA content.
  • Great lemon flavor and high quality means no fish taste or after burps.
  • Pharmaceutical grade gives you purity and maximum benefits of omega 3 fatty acids on one capsule per day

Do You Know The Two Most Important Qualities Of A Safe and Healthy Fish Oil Supplement? 

It’s the amount of “real” omega 3 fatty acid you get in each capsule and its purity from pollutants.

Ballena Nelle contains 55% EPA and DHA  and 100% Omega 3 Fatty acid per capsule compared to less than 40% in many standard fish oil supplements. Our fish oil comes from wild caught anchovies and sardines harvested from the deep cold waters of the southern Pacific because they have the highest DHA and EPA levels available, and being on the lower end of the food chain, are least exposed to contaminants.

All Ballena Nelle fish oil is purified in Norway using the latest molecular distillation technology and then independently tested to ensure zero mercury, zero PCBs and zero dioxins. We purify in Norway because it is the center of excellence for this technology.  This is the purest and highest grade fish oil available so you will always get maximum health benefit. And our quality control processes ensure the purity you need to never worry about contaminants.


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